Welcome to Home Team Supply!

At Home Team we specialize in making your team's accomplishments something to remember! From looking great when giving it their all to commemorating all those special wins, Home Team Supply can be your go to for those special moments.

Starting back in 2003, Home Team Supply has been a family run business that has supported the local community in Middletown, CT. We have made uniforms for local teams as well as travel. We also do trophies, engraving, signs, banners, school jackets and embroidery, making Home Team your place to recognize your sports team, or to making your business stand out and keep them looking their best.

Embroidery & Screen Printing


Whether it's for school or work, we can make your company's logo stand out! We can embroider any cloth item, including hats, sweatshirts, shirts, pants and even bags! We have over 50,000 in-stock logos and designs, guaranteed to make your logo stand out above the rest. We use a larger capacity machines so even larger jobs are no problem!

Screen Printing

If you are looking to get uniforms for little league team, town soccer, or any team for that matter we can provide you with great looking uniforms! Whether you are a restaurant, church group or looking for matching t-shirts for your family vacation, we can keep you looking great! Ever see those custom T-shirts on social media? We can do those too! Just provide us with the image and we will work with you to make it happen!

Trophies & Engraving

When it comes to commemorating those special moments, nothing is better than a beautiful trophy to look back on to trigger those great memories. We specialize in making your trophy or award worthy of display.

Take a look at our catalogs to see our extensive list of choices, from those special sporting moments you never want to forget to recognizing those who went the extra mile for you, we have you covered.

Signs & Banners

When it comes to Signs and Banners we have you covered! We will create a quality look that will show you off in the best way possible! Whether you are running for political office, or need advertisement for your next big idea, Home Team will help you stand out! We can do break away banners for you sports team, or lettering a vehicle for your new catering company! Our goal is to keep you looking great and leaving here 100% satisfied!

Workwear & School Jackets

There's no greater moment when you receive your school jacket that shows off your team pride. We will customize your jackets and make your school stand out above the rest! Feel free to browse our catalog or come on in so we can show you what we can do! We don't just do sports apparel, we also do workwear! We have all different type of workwear including, fire, construction, or police! We can customize anything to your needs and make your company or unit look great!

Uniforms & Teamwear

Looking great on the field is important. We can supply your team with the look that will stand above your opponent. We can supply uniforms for any sport! Whether you are playing baseball, softball, or even soccer, we can have your team looking great! We can not only make you look good on the field, but also off! We have a full line of apparel that will allow you to have your team showing their pride and dedication. If you are looking for hoodies, jackets, jersey's or shorts, Home Team can get your team looking great and ready for anything! Checkout our catalogs and start building your order now!


Once a request is submitted, we will get back to you within 24-48 hours with pricing, issues, and any questions about the order.

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